Decision Awareness
in Reinforcement Learning

Workshop at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2022

July 22, HALL G T2500 at the Baltimore Convention Center

@DARL_ICML · #DARL_workshop_ICML2022


This workshop is about decision awareness in RL, which we refer to as the knowledge that each of the components of an RL system should be explicitly trained to help the agent take the optimal action. Classical examples of decision awareness include:

  • Learning aspects of the dynamics that are important for decision making and not modelling irrelevant parts of the world
  • Training a critic to directly aid policy optimization instead of focusing on return prediction only
  • Addressing the sequence of learning problems faced by an agent in its entirety instead of treating them in isolation
  • Meta-learning algorithmic components that optimize the learning progress itself

For a list of representative papers, please visit the resources page.

Important Dates

Submission site opens May 1, 2022
Submission deadline May 27, 2022 AoE
Decisions announced June 13, 2022
Camera-ready and video submission due July 1, 2022 AoE
Day of workshop July 22, 2022

Program Committee

  • Akram Erraqabi
  • Alberto Maria Metelli
  • Alexander Grishin
  • Adrien Ali Taiga
  • Amarildo Likmeta
  • Aneri Muni
  • Ankesh Anand
  • Annie S Chen
  • Arsenii Kuznetsov
  • Arushi Jain
  • Brandon Cui
  • Chris Lu
  • Claas A Voelcker
  • Clement Gehring
  • Dilip Arumugam
  • Eric Graves
  • Haque Ishfaq
  • Harley Wiltzer
  • Jacob Buckman
  • Janarthanan Rajendran
  • Jesse Farebrother
  • Khimya Khetarpal
  • Kristopher De Asis
  • Louis Kirsch
  • Lucas Lehnert
  • Mahan Fathi
  • Mandana Samiei
  • Manuel Del Verme
  • Matteo Papini
  • Matthia Sabatelli
  • Maxime Heuillet
  • Mehdi Fatemi
  • Michel Ma
  • Nikolaus H. R. Howe
  • Raymond Chua
  • Romina Abachi
  • Safa Alver
  • Shruti Joshi
  • Tianwei Ni
  • Timon Willi
  • Vincent Mai
  • Yi Wan
  • Zhixuan Lin


Evgenii Nikishin
Mila, University of Montreal
Pierluca D'Oro
Mila, University of Montreal
Doina Precup
DeepMind and McGill University
Andre Barreto
Amir-massoud Farahmand
Vector Institute, University of Toronto
Pierre-Luc Bacon
Mila, University of Montreal

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